Nancy Zimpher

SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher

A nationally recognized leader, Chancellor Zimpher is known as an effective agent of change in education. She started her career as a teacher in a one-room schoolhouse in the Ozarks and has never lost her passion for providing accessible, quality education for every student. Chancellor Zimpher began her work at SUNY with a statewide tour of SUNY’s 64 campuses, which became the first phase of a systemwide strategic planning process. This plan, called The Power of SUNY, was launched in April 2010, with the central goal of harnessing SUNY’s potential to drive economic revitalization and create a better future for every community across New York. As The Power of SUNY is put into action, the Chancellor is leading a diverse set of new initiatives at SUNY in several key areas, including research and innovation, energy, health care, global affairs, and the education pipeline. She has also been a vocal advocate for groundbreaking legislative reforms that ensure SUNY can continue to provide broad access to higher education in an environment of declining state support, while maximizing its impact as an engine of economic development.



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